Burn Injury Lawyer Near Me

burn injury victim with injuries and needing burn injury lawyer
burn injury victim with injuries and needing burn injury lawyer

Burn Injuries Can Have Devastating Outcomes. Let an Experienced Lawyer Help You to Get the Help You Need.

Most of us have been burned at some point or another. Whether through a contact burn inflicted by something like a hot piece of cookery or by ultraviolet radiation after staying in the sun too long without sunblock, burns are very common injuries. However, many people are not so lucky to only suffer these milder burns and end up involved in accidents that cause more severe and widespread burn injuries. Therefore, having solid legal counsel from an experienced burn injury lawyer is key.

Let us explain.

Severe burns are one of the most painful kinds of injury that someone can suffer from with a high chance of complications developing. Suffering severe burns can potentially affect almost every aspect of your life from your career to relationships.

Accidents that cause severe burns are often entirely avoidable had a certain party not acted negligently. In cases such as these, one may be able to seek compensation for the damages caused by severe burns by filing a burn injury lawsuit. Not only can you recover compensation that can get your life back on track, but you can also help ensure the same negligence is not repeated and hurts someone else.

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Types of Burns

Burns can be classified into different subcategories. Each of these types has their own issues, complications, and treatments.

Thermal Burns

For thermal burns, this is due to sources of heat that increase the temperature of the skin and tissues and cause cell death. Sources of thermal burns commonly include heated metals, scalding liquids, steam, and fire that cause these burns when coming into contact with the skin.

Friction Burns

When the skin repeatedly rubs against another surface at a high frequency the friction generated creates heat and can shred tissue. Friction burns have a more physical element to them and can be caused by things such as certain types of machinery, repeated movements, or sliding across the pavement.

Radiation Burns

These burns are often due to prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays of the sun. Most of the time these burns are fairly mild although they have the potential to cause severe damage in certain circumstances involving long-term unprotected exposure. Radiation burns can also be caused by other forms of radiation such as x-rays however this is very rare.

Electrical Burns

Electricity can cause severe burns that inflict unique damage. Electrical currents are found in a variety of settings and negligence can cause exposure to AC or DC currents that can electrocute someone. Electrical burns can not only burn the surface of the area of contact but the current can burn as it travels through someone and inflict injury beneath the skin.

Chemical Burns

Caustic chemicals can be found in almost every household, industrial settings, and/or even certain commercial settings. Chemical burns not only can cause physical damage similar to thermal burns. Depending on the chemical that inflicted the burn, there can be a host of other damaging elements like toxic properties. Solvents, acids, and certain detergents can cause chemical burns.