Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Near Me

Pedestrians Are Susceptible to Serious Injuries. Hire a Serious Injury Firm to Handle Your Claim.

While travel via motor vehicle is essential for most people, many still travel by foot. Some simply do not have far to travel and some simply do not have access to a car. Regardless of your reasons for traveling by foot, you are afforded rights as a pedestrian. Drivers are expected to observe traffic laws put in place to protect pedestrians yet many end up causing catastrophic accidents that inflict grievous harm upon unassuming bystanders.

Collisions between motor vehicles and pedestrians are incredibly damaging and many that are lucky to survive the ordeal do so with severe injuries that have lifelong consequences. Pedestrian accident injuries are well known to disable, scar, and disfigure people to the point their whole lives change. Those harmed by negligent drivers this way often seek compensation for this level of damage done to them via legal action in the form of a negotiated settlement or a lawsuit.

Turnbull, Holcomb & LeMoine, PC Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Turnbull, Holcomb & LeMoine, PC provides specialized legal assistance to pedestrians that have been severely injured by negligent drivers and similar parties liable for the damage inflicted by pedestrian accidents. Pedestrian accidents cause some of the most damage of all the case types we see due to the especially vulnerable nature of the injured party and the damaging potential of a motor vehicle.

This means those wishing to take legal action after a pedestrian accident will need an attorney capable of handling the many curveballs pedestrian accident injury case can throw at them. Turnbull, Holcomb & LeMoine, PC has the experience and skills necessary to handle your pedestrian accident case and a long successful case history and client testimony to prove it.

If you or a loved one were involved in a pedestrian accident due to another’s negligence, contact Turnbull, Holcomb & LeMoine, PC today at (205) 831-5040 or online for a free case evaluation, or to discuss your rights and options further.

Why Should I Hire a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer?

Trying to find a lawyer can be time-consuming and positive results are not guaranteed so many approach the prospect of hiring a lawyer with understandable wariness. Why not simply file a claim with the insurance company on your own and save some money by foregoing hiring a lawyer? In rare cases, this may be the right course to take. If you were lucky and your pedestrian accident only inflicted very minor injuries then hiring a lawyer may not be necessary since your damages are low enough that hiring a lawyer would essentially be overkill.

Pedestrian Accidents Require More Compensation and Are Fought Harder

Most pedestrian accidents inflict injuries that do permanent damage which means a much higher value case that will be harder to get the full value in compensation. High-value cases are much more difficult since the insurance company stands to lose more money and therefore will work harder to limit the amount they payout.

Insurance Companies Exploit Lawyerless Claimants

Taking on the insurance company on your own in your pedestrian accident case is a good way to have the amount of compensation you could potentially get significantly reduced or get your claim to compensation denied altogether. The reason for this is simple. Insurance companies will have you outgunned in almost every way. They have more experience, resources, knowledge, etc. that can be used to take advantage of you so that they can keep the money you need to cover pedestrian accident damages in their pockets.

Trying to handle your pedestrian accident case on your own gives them the advantage and they know how to exploit this to the fullest. For example, insurance companies have all kinds of tricks they like to use to get claimants to make mistakes that can ruin their case. They may ask for a recorded statement or ask loaded questions to try and get you to accidentally admit fault even if their client is entirely responsible for your injuries. They might also try to pitch you a lowball settlement available right away to trick you into accepting much less than what your case is actually worth.

Hiring Turnbull, Holcomb & LeMoine, PC sends a message that you and your case are to be taken seriously. Our attorneys will be with you from the first moment of day one ensuring that your rights are respected and that your case is given the attention that it deserves.

Turnbull, Holcomb & LeMoine, PC can provide you with the tools and resources to ensure that your case stands the best chance possible at getting maximum compensation to cover your pedestrian accident injury damages.

What Our Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Can do For Your Case

  • Organize and analyze key evidence and records of your case
  • Present the evidence to prove liability and damages
  • Communicate with the driver’s or other liable party’s insurer
  • Obtain the necessary evidence with respect to fault for the accident
  • Gather your medical records and bills
  • Communicate with your healthcare providers to obtain missing records
  • Work with your doctors to make sure they provide the medical information you need so that you can prove damages in your claim
  • Negotiate to potentially reduce the amount of the bills you owe
  • Network with investigators and experts to help strengthen your case
  • Negotiate a settlement with the insurance company to get you the compensation you deserve