Truck Accident Lawyer Near Me

truck accident, trucking accident scene
truck accident, trucking accident scene

Trucking Accidents Can Cause Serious Injuries. Let Us Help You Get Your Life Back on Track.

The sight of a semi-truck on the highway often fills many drivers with anxiety and one cannot blame them considering how destructive these vehicles can be when involved in an accident. Furthermore, any skilled truck accident lawyer understands the extreme dangerous of car accidents.

Indeed, they inflict serious injuries and even kill, but truck accidents inflict damage that is on an entirely different level. Semi-truck accidents have a reputation as some of the most destructive types of accidents that can possibly occur on U.S. roads.

Semi-trucks are nowhere near as common as your average car accident but they make up for their scarcity with the amount of destruction they can wreak. Being involved in an event as traumatic as this can have severe consequences in terms of health, finances, quality of life, etc. The aftermath of a truck accident can be an incredibly confusing and frustrating time for those involved. In many cases, drivers find themselves harmed in trucking accidents to no fault of their own and have to suffer through extreme damages all because of another party’s negligence.

Turnbull, Holcomb & LeMoine Can Assist You After Your Trucking Accident

Turnbull, Holcomb & LeMoine understands how unfair this situation can feel and we have devoted ourselves to assisting those that have to suffer this kind of injustice. The damages inflicted by a trucking accident can significantly disrupt someone’s life and when these damages are caused by another party’s negligence you may be able to seek compensation. If you or a loved one were involved in a motorcycle crash due to another’s negligence, contact Turnbull, Holcomb & LeMoine today.

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Seeking Compensation After a Trucking Accident

Those that have been involved in a semi-truck accident caused by the negligent actions of a liable party can seek compensation for severe injuries they suffered as a result. Just like with car accidents, this all starts with filing a claim with the at-fault party’s insurance. Ideally, a claim will be processed by the insurance company that will evaluate your case and pay out the money that you need to cover the damages inflicted by their client.

Dealing With Insurance After a Semi-Truck Accident

Unfortunately, semi-truck accident cases tend to be some of the highest value cases when it comes to motor vehicle accident claims. As a result, insurance companies are likely to do everything they can to fight their obligation to pay for these damages.

Insurance companies are for-profit businesses and in order to keep their profit margins high and shareholders happy, they have to keep the money they pay out on claims to a minimum. No matter what they say, they are not your friend and they do not have your best interests at heart.

Truck Accident Lawsuits

Sometimes, you may be lucky and your attorney will be able to negotiate a settlement that satisfactorily covers your damages but in most cases, truck accident claims end up becoming truck accident lawsuits because a settlement cannot be reached. Since the stakes are so high and they stand to lose millions in many cases, insurance companies are much less likely to settle and will fight you in court. Handling a truck accident lawsuit and going to trial is a much more complicated endeavor compared to negotiating a claim in which it is highly recommended you speak to a lawyer about your truck accident case.

Why Should I Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer?

As mentioned before, truck accident cases often end up going to trial, and even if there is a chance they can be settled out of court, negotiating a fair settlement will not be easy since insurance companies will try to deflect fault, question injury credibility, and try everything they can to get out of paying. Having an attorney on your side to help you is essential if you want to have a chance at getting the compensation that can adequately cover your damages.

While you technically can handle a truck accident claim or lawsuit on your own, doing so when the insurance company is pulling out all the stops typically does not end well. You likely will end up with a settlement much lower than what you need to properly cover your damages or with nothing at all.

A Truck Accident Lawyer Can Level the Playing Field

This is because insurance companies have teams of people more educated, experienced, and skilled than you when it comes to handling a truck accident case. You are at a significant disadvantage when you deal with an insurance company on your own and they know it so they will use every trick in the book to take advantage of you. They may try to trick you into admitting fault, lowball you, or deny your claim outright.

Turnbull, Holcomb & LeMoine is passionate about evening the playing field and giving people that deserve fair compensation for truck accident injuries a chance at justice. Our lawyers have long track records of successfully helping truck accident survivors and the loved ones of those that pass away because of a trucking accident. In addition to providing expert insight on your case and making sure your rights are respected, our lawyers can assist you in the following ways:

What Our Truck Accident Lawyers Can do For Your Case

  • Organize and analyze key evidence and records of your case.
  • Present the evidence to prove liability and damages.
  • Communicate with the other driver’s insurer.
  • Obtain the necessary evidence with respect to fault for the accident.
  • Gather your medical records and bills.
  • Communicate with your healthcare providers to obtain missing records.
  • Work with your doctors to make sure they provide the medical information you need so that you can prove damages in your claim.
  • Negotiate to potentially reduce the amount of the bills you owe.
  • Network with investigators and experts to help strengthen your case.
  • Negotiate a settlement with the insurance company to get you the compensation you deserve.