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If You Were a Crime Victim Injured Due to Negligent Security, We Can Help

Business owners, landlords, and property managers have a responsibility to keep their premises reasonably safe for the people who visit or live on the property. If the business owner fails to keep the premises safe, visitors can be the victim of terrible crimes, including shootings, rapes, stabbings, and other assaults. These crimes are hazards like any other on a property, and if a business owner knows, or has reason to know, about the crime, then they must take appropriate steps to keep the property safe. If they do not, then every experienced negligent security lawyer knows they are liable under civil law.

In most states, to recover on a claim of negligent security, the injured person must prove that the land or business owner was aware of crime on the property or in the area surrounding the property. The injured person must then prove that the business owner failed to put proper security procedures in place to deter or prevent crime on the property.

Examples of Negligent Security

Examples of ways that business owners would fail to implement necessary security measures are:

  • Choosing not to complete a security assessment of the property;
  • Failing to provide warnings to visitors regarding crime in the area;
  • Failing to hire security guards to patrol the property at appropriate times; and,
  • Failing to properly maintain lighting, fencing, and security gates.

Negligent security and crime victim cases are among the most difficult to prove in most states. An experienced attorney is required. Our attorneys have obtained numerous six and seven figure settlements in negligent security cases, and have the experience to properly prosecute these cases.

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