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Slip and Falls Can Cause Serious and Lasting Injuries. Hire an Experienced Firm to Handle Your Case.

Slip and fall accidents cause more injuries than most people realize. Most think of the simple act of falling as a temporary embarrassing blunder that causes no more than some bumps and bruises but for many slipping and falling can lead to severe injuries. Certain demographics have a high chance to seriously injure themselves just by tripping on a stray power cable or slipping in a spill. Every experienced slip and fall lawyer knows – even the most able-bodied can end up dealing with life-changing injuries when they slip and fall in certain situations.

The damages inflicted by a slip and fall accident caused by another party’s negligence can put many in very difficult financial situations and reduce their quality of life significantly. Parties responsible for the conditions that lead to a slip and fall accident can be held accountable for their negligence with a slip and fall lawsuit.

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Seeking Compensation for Slip and Fall Accident Injuries

Filing a slip and fall lawsuit is often the only course of action for many people coping with crippling and permanent damage caused by slip and fall accidents and can mean the difference between getting back on your feet or continued suffering of damages caused by no fault of your own.

Should I Sue After a Slip and Fall Accident?

Whether or not you should take legal action after a slip and fall accident depends on a few factors.

First of all, one needs to have suffered injuries sufficiently severe enough to cause significant damages economic or non-economic in nature. The slip and fall injury needs to have been caused by the negligent actions of a party like the owner of the property or someone else that owes you a duty of care that falls under premises liability. There must also be proof that links your injuries to the accident as well as the negligence of those liable for your injuries.

There is a certain amount of stigma surrounding slip and fall lawsuits that portray them as greedy or scams. Seeking compensation for damages caused by injuries that you suffered to no fault of your own is a rational step to take in order to stabilize your life. Do not hesitate to consider taking legal action against those that were responsible for your injuries.

Filing a lawsuit not only holds them accountable for their dangerous actions but can also help prevent the same thing from happening to someone else.