Product Liability Lawyers

product liability, defective product warning tag saying out of service
product liability, defective product warning tag saying out of service

If You Were Injured By a Defective or Dangerous Product, You Deserve Compensation for Your Damages

There are a myriad of products that we all use in our day-to-day lives that have the potential to inflict severe injuries all because of a single defect. Consumers put a great deal of faith into these products and believe that safety standards and other measures will keep dangerous defects from showing up in the products they use. Unfortunately, each product liability lawyer knows too well – thousands of people are harmed every year by dangerous defects present in everyday products ranging from home appliances to toys.

These defective products can cause severe injuries that would have been entirely avoidable had the makers or sellers of a product not been negligent. In many other cases, products can inflict injuries because of unavoidable defects. Regardless of this, those that have been injured by defective products may be able to seek compensation for the damages they have suffered if they file a product liability lawsuit.

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What is a Product Liability?

Consumers have rights and expect that the makers and sellers of various products be held accountable when their products cause severe injuries due to defects. Product liability is the legal responsibility of those that made, designed, or sold a product to consumers that ended up injuring them because of a defect. Product liability will typically require some type of defect in the product in question in order for its maker, seller, etc. to be considered liable. Products that have been altered in some way or not used as intended will often exempt their makers and sellers from product liability.

If a product causes a consumer to suffer an injury because it is defective in some way, then the makers and sellers of that product can be considered liable for the consumer’s damages regardless of whether or not negligence on their part caused the defect thanks to what is known as strict liability.