Landing a Job as a Personal Injury Lawyer: Tips from Law Professionals

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The legal profession is a highly regarded career, and one that can be incredibly rewarding. Choosing your specialization in law is a big step and will help map out the rest of your career as a lawyer. When stepping into the world as a personal injury lawyer, you’ll become an important part of your clients’ lives and have the opportunity to make a difference in many ways. At Turnbull, Holcomb & LeMoine, PC , we are here to give you tips from law professionals on being the best personal injury lawyer and guide you into this next phase of your career.

3 Tips from Law Professionals

Education Matters: Take Courses Relevant to Personal Injury

If you are considering personal injury law, tailor your coursework to your interests. This applies whether you are currently in law school or working on your undergraduate degree.

A large part of being a personal injury lawyer is reading detailed medical records. An undergraduate degree in biology can provide the medical knowledge needed to better understand your client’s injuries and needs.

Crafting a compelling argument is also an important aspect of being a successful personal injury lawyer, so English classes and public speaking classes will be incredibly useful when fighting for your clients. You may also find business, sociology, psychology, history, economics, and communications classes to be helpful, as well.

Gain Experience

Preparing yourself with your coursework is the first step in becoming a successful personal injury lawyer, but the next step is gaining applicable experience. During law school, take advantage of internship opportunities. While some internships are not paid positions, you’ll gain invaluable experience working side by side with skilled lawyers.

Internships and clerkships are beneficial positions to put on a resume and help you understand how you work best inside the walls of a firm. These early steps in your career will help you start your journey on the right foot and gain momentum for your first legal job.

Make Connections

Lastly, one of the key tips from law professionals is understanding that networking is a powerful asset.

Every hand you shake and every internship you take will lead to connections that can be instrumental in your career. It’s important to make connections at school events, conventions, seminars, and any other gathering of legal professionals to build your network.

In the future, these connections can help you land your first major job in the legal field or even help you secure an important client. Your clients keep your business going, and these connections can potentially funnel clients your way. Attend events in your community as well, such as local business networking events or industry conferences, to get involved outside of your office and meet potential clients in your local community.


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