About Bobby LeMoine

Based in Birmingham, Alabama, Bobby LeMoine helps seriously injured individuals and their families in cases from coast to coast. He is a widely recognized litigator with a long track record of securing maximum verdicts and settlements. Bobby handles complex cases involving commercial trucking accidents, industrial accidents, premises liability, medical malpractice, and product liability.

“Fighting for justice in the courtroom is the ultimate embodiment of being a lawyer. It is both challenging and rewarding,” he says. “Getting a good result for our clients is obviously the most enjoyable piece. Successfully representing an injured person and his or her family before a jury is one of the most fulfilling accomplishments in life.”

The Case That Defined His Career

“I have gotten a lot of great results for my clients over the years, but the one that perhaps had the biggest impact on my career was a defense verdict. I was working for a defense firm at the time, representing a large corporation. We won a hard-fought trial, leaving the plaintiff with nothing. Instead of being happy and celebrating the victory, I left that trial with a deep conviction that I had been on the wrong side of that fight. I left the defense firm a few weeks later and have been representing people, not corporations, ever since.”

From Prosecutor to Corporate Defense to Fighting for the Injured

Bobby grew up in Jacksonville, Florida, with two cousins who were attorneys. From an early age, Bobby knew he wanted to be a lawyer. In 2005, he moved to Birmingham to attend Cumberland School of Law to make that dream a reality.

Bobby started his legal career as a prosecutor in the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office, trying all manner of criminal cases from simple misdemeanor offenses up to capital murder. It was during these years in the DA’s Office that Bobby developed the strength in the courtroom and passion for helping victims that are the bedrock of his practice today.

Bobby next entered the world of civil litigation, working for one of the Southeast’s premier defense firms. While Bobby succeeded in this environment, he quickly realized that his passion was working for people, and not insurance companies or large corporations.

After gaining valuable insight into how corporate defendants approach a case and the tactics they employ, Bobby returned to his true calling of helping people and holding defendants accountable for their wrongs.

Bobby’s other passion is his family. If he is not in the courtroom or the office, you will likely find him somewhere outdoors with his wife, Cissy, and three daughters: Livy, Darby, and Francie. Bobby spends any and all of his free time with his family – they love to camp, cook, and play soccer with dad as the team coach.